Refund & Travel Credit Updates - 24 November 2020

The majority of refunds have now been received and passed onto clients accordingly, however we are still waiting on a few refunds.

Whilst we understand the anxiety and frustration you may experience with the long processing time, your continued understanding and patience in this pandemic environment would be much appreciated.


Meanwhile, should you have any concerns, or if you simply want to have a chat, you are more than welcome to contact us every Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday.

domestic travel.png
Domestic Travel Update - 24 November 2020

Restrictions are starting to ease in different states. For Victorians, please click the below link for updates:

Victorians are now permitted to travel to NSW as of today, 24th November; We will also be able to travel to Tasmania without having to quarantine as of the 28th November!


Please be aware that states and territories have individual quarantine arrangements in place, although there are no restrictions on leaving or entering Victoria at this time, If you are going interstate, you should familiarise yourself with the restrictions which apply in your destination. Call the Commonwealth Government's National Coronavirus Helpline on 1800 020 080 to find out what travel requirements and restrictions are in place at your destination.

International Travel Update - 24 November 2020

International travel is still prohibited for Australian citizens and permanent residents with few exceptions.